Health properties biophenols

Apart from all the benefits connected to the use of organic olive oil, from recent studies emerged two properties which are really important for health:

  • the increase of the release of OEA, or better said oleoetanolamids in the intestine, a physiological signal that links in a specific way the consume of lipid to the sense of satiety between a meal and the other one.
  • the presence of biophenols, natural anti-oxide: it limits the formation of anomalous molecules that could alter cell membranes’ normal functions. A prevention, both against cells’ aging and because of free radicals and also against the development of tumors.

Indicated for everybody who wants to improve physical efficiency and health without renouncing to the taste of great kitchen.

For the ones who have pathologies which are connected to alimentarius unbalances -cholesterol, overweight, cardiovascular pathologies- the organic olive oil is a fundamental support in order to improve our own health.

Mode of use

The daily consumption of organic olive oil combined with an healthy lifestyle and a bit of physical activity produces in time the just said health effects.

Drops of olive oil are a synonymous of taste for great food and for life.

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