Note to the consumer

The difference of the quotation in market between glaring and organic oil is just an euro. The producers, in particular the ones from the south (the 70% of Italian oil), are forced to let olives fall onto the ground, with the consecutive production of glaring oil in some areas even superior to the 60% of the total, because they can’t even cover the collection costs.

This enormous quantity of glaring oil -as it can’t be directly consumed- is bought by the industry that, through chemical processes of deacidification (through the use of solvents), puts it again in commerce. Even today the state’s institutions of control don’t have the legal possibility to verify if an organic oil reaches the values that distinguish it in a natural way or not.

The cost of an organic oil has been the same for 20 years, and we are all a bit responsible of this: olive oil is a “social good” and -also for the big consumption we make of it- it can’t cost much. Then we are pleased when our wives or moms purchase a liter of organic oil for 3/4 of an euro, we don’t realize that, for the oil change of our car, we reach to spend even 10-11 euros per liter, for a product that comes from culls of petroleum.

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