Oil Laboratory

Production and sales of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The production counts on 40 hectars with 5000  centenarian olive trees, cultivated with eco-compatible methods, located in the earth of the old Otranto, a territory which has a large tradition and a vocation to oil production.

Olives are collected by hand from the plant, when they’re not mature yet: that consents to reach an excellent fruity-tasted product, with a low acidity and rich in polifenols (anti-oxidation substances with therapeutic and nutritional properties).

In a few hours from the collection the oil is extracted with a continuous-cycle method which consists in two phases without adding warm water.

The residue of the labor consists in a mixture of a solid part (sansa) and a liquid part (vegetation water), called “humid sansa”, which is recycled and scattered on the ground, giving it, that way, organic substance and re-giving it what he gave.

That process without adding water, allows us not to eliminate water-solvable and anti-oxides which nutritional properties are know to everybody.
Only this process allows the oil to preserve all its characteristics of perfume and taste of the fruit till the final consumption.

The moments that follow. The collection and the transformation, are mired to keep high-quality standards and preview the storage of the oil in stainless steel containers located in a buried place at a constant temperature of 18-20 Celsius degrees.

The oils rests to allow its own settling and it is periodically extravasated. There are some organoleptic tastes to examinate its taste and flavor, till the final bottling, done with the help of machines that don’t damage the product which has been obtained till this point.

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