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Olive tree: A culture which is perpetuated in centuries


The plant wakes up and the saph starts to flush and originates buds, gems hatch and create “the new life”.
The olive, a noble and prestigious fruit for ages originates great oils, thanks to the intuition of the man, to the work in cultivations, to the technological innovations and the respect for traditions.
Every tree has its own history.
Knowing the olive tree and its fruit means appreciating the oil that will be born from it.


The man enters the olive grove during the summer not only to admire colours and the vivacity of the olive trees, he has to perform some really important works: the irrigation, the scything of the grass and the elimination of pollens.
The olive tree that is in its full vegetation blooms richly. From the pollened flowers, in the phase called “attachment”, develop olive clusters.
Then the fruit becomes bigger and at the end of September stars “the version”, this is the phase in which there’s the coloration and maturation of the fruit.


Finally it’s time to collect, a party where hopes and sacrifices get mixed with the voices of the olivekeepers.
Every attention are directed to the olives, in order to allow them to arrive intact to the oil mil.
The moment of the collection is the the meeting with the fruit, the olivekeeper collects it gently, conscius of its importance. In every fruit there’s the work of a year and a success that will show just after other months, this time into the oil mil.


In winter the olive tree rests, but the work of the man doesn’t stop.
He makes cut, with which old parts are eliminated.
Other two operations are near to the maintenance of the olive grove: the scything of the grass and the organic fertilization to give vitality to the ground.

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