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In Puglia, in the heart of Salento “land of the two seas”, the production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil has ancient roots like those of Agrosì family, whose farm has been engaged in this business for more than two centuries.
The sense of tradition, the respect for the environment and the ability to innovate are the “ingredients” the company uses in the treatment of olive groves from which a high-quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced, which has unmistakable  characteristics, determined by specific steps during the collection and milling.
Walking through the vast territory of Salento, the olive tree soon becomes a silent companion, the absolute protagonist of the landscape and the economy of many small countries.
Here Giuseppe Agrosì has started the olive cultivation put up by his grandfather again, with 5000 century-old olive trees of which he takes care personally. The commitment and productive experience which have deep rootsin his family, join the enthusiasm of the new generation to materialize in this product that carefully mixes new and traditional together.
The company has an own mill, for which the olives, harvested by hand as soon as they’re turning color, are brought to the mill to extract the oil. What follows is the conservation in stainless steel containers and the bottling, in the same place.
The Agrosì Extra Virgin Olive Oil ensures good quality and distinct personality. Visually elegant ,of a golden-green colour, followed by a wide perfume lovely aromatic composition, which goes from fruity to herbaceousand green almond.
The tasting process is harmonic and rich in the smell of persistent fragrances of plants.

Our land has grown up thanks to our products’ quality: our work, our choices, our effort and our heart will make its prestige larger and larger.

Giuseppe Agrosì

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